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At Ananda we use pure Himalayan Spring Water for all our Hydrotherapy treatments. Hydrotherapy relaxes the body and improves strength while boosting immunity, circulation, metabolism and aiding in the body's healing process.

Hydrotherapy Aromatic Bath (25 minutes)
Blends of tranquility, invigorating, detoxifying or spice essential oils added to the bath to suit your needs.

Stimulating Jet Blitz (20 minutes)
A high-pressure shower jet is directed at the body to activate circulation and re-contour the body. Recommended for fighting overweight and stubborn cellulite.

Jet Lag Hydro Massage (25 minutes)
A 20 minute program is selected as part of this deeply relaxing Himalayan spring water bath. A 10 minute under water lymphatic massage is performed to assist imn easing muscle tension and relaxing stiff joints along with improving the body's overall elimination of toxins. This therapy includes a relaxing scalp massage

Ganges Blitz (55 minutes)
A deluxe Himalayan spring water jet treatment begins by preparing the skin with a full body exfoliation to soften and smooth your skin. This procedure is followed by an energizing, high pressured water jet massage. You will feel totally revitalized and rejuvenated.

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