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State of India

Kunjal Kriya (30 minutes)
A commonly used yogic practice to cleanse the digestive tract. Kunjal helps to expel impurities and reduce acidity.

Neti (30 minutes)
'Neti' simply means the practice of cleansing the nasal passages with salted lukewarm water. Neti helps to relieve sinus problems, improve eyesight and counters environmental pollutants.

Special Traditional Meditation (60 minutes)
Meditation is our specialty and is the central component in nearly everything we do at Ananda. The techniques we offer are grounded in ancient Indian traditions, yet immediately practical for modern needs

Private Yoga Session (60 minutes)
In private sessions, you will receive individual attention with dialogue and adjustments specifically tailored for your needs

Ayurveda - In the Himalaya
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